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The Helpful Haven for Composers, Pianists and Keyboard Improvisers

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Conductors and Instrumentalists

So ya wanna compose some music, do ya! Don’t worry! This website is the right place for you. I will also try my hardest to use grammatically correct words from now on.

It takes a lot of courage to be a composer. We tend to be overworked and underpaid. We also tend to die young, but thank goodness the latter statistic is improving, with the advancements in medicine and quality of life.

Becoming a composer means having to develop a tough outer shell. Here are some comments to consider when you announce to the world that you want to compose, either on a full time basis or as a serious hobby:

“My Uncle Pete used to compose. Whatever happened to him? I can’t even remember what he looks like”.

“We don’t have any musicians in the family. You don’t have the genes for it, and you won’t be able to afford a decent pair (of jeans) either if you don’t smarten up”.

“Go ahead and compose. The real world will go on without you”.

“Your mother is crying upstairs. Do you enjoy making your mother cry?”

Fortunately, you might get lucky and get this comment:

“Good luck. I think you’ll do just fine”.

In a 10:1 ratio of bad to good comments, the above comment is represented by the number 1. However, if you ever make it big in this profession, here are some of the gems that you can most assuredly look forward to:

“I always encouraged my child. At age three, the first thing I’d say to my Jimmy every morning was, ‘Hello little genius’!”

“I knew Susan well before she was a great songwriter. If it wasn’t for friends like me keeping her down to earth, she’d have grown up with a swelled head. In a way, I feel like I’m a success with her. She owes me a lot. She owes me a heck of a lot! I wonder why I never hear from her anymore”.

“If you would have told me ten years ago that quiet, soft-spoken Doug would have been the international success that he is today, I’d have told you you’re stupider than a drunk toad in the middle of a highway. Well, now I feel like that drunk toad. Actually, I am kinda drunk… I kinda look like a toad too!”

Anyhow, that’s life. You have to laugh. Please feel free to browse around the sight and stay as long as you want. This site is dedicated to supplying useful composition related information in a light-hearted, fun forum. Enjoy!



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