Run Man, Run!

This Piece Will Make Your Fingers Fall Off,
but in a Good Way

Ever feel like running and running and running? I know. Neither do I. However, imagine your fingers doing the running for you. This piano piece will make you feel like you've just sprinted with the best olympic athletes human-kind has to offer... and won.

Run Man, Run works as a piano solo, or in combination with cello and double bass. The choice is yours. It lasts about a minute and a half, and has two lightning fast outer sections and a slower middle section.

Here's what you get when you order Run Man, Run:

  • a digital full score
  • accompanying digital cello and electric bass parts

Before you order my music,
here's a little something about myself

Daniel E. Friedman has written over eighty-five compositions that have been performed across Canada by dozens of orchestras and ensembles. He has also had some of his works performed in the U.S.A. and overseas. As a pianist, he has repeatedly debuted his own selection of preludes and he premiered his piano concerto with the Kitchener-Waterloo Chamber Orchestra in June/ 2011.

In addition to being awarded many composing commissions, Daniel has written for film and arranged numerous songs. He is currently head of a prominent music department in Ontario.

Mr. Friedman started taking an interest in piano and composing from an early age and started formal lessons at the age of seven. At twelve years of age, he found out that he had perfect pitch and decided to pursue a musical career at that point in his life. Daniel is also the co-owner of, a site dedicated to beginner pianists.

Daniel’s teaching diplomas, Bachelor of Music and Master of Music, came from the Royal College of Music (England), Queen’s University (Canada) and the Peabody Institute (U.S.A.).

...and , here's a recording of what you'll be purchasing


  • Order the digital piano score and the digital parts (cello and electric bass) for only $4.99
  • A 30 day no-questions-asked money back guarantee!


Here's how to get your digital music!

This digital score and digital parts are provided in files that you store on your computer. This version is in pdf format and you will need Adobe Reader on your hard drive. Feel free to print out pages as need be but please never share these PDF files with friends or colleagues.

Reminder: After receiving your payment, I will simply send the digital score and digital parts to the email address that you used to log into your paypal account to pay. If you wish me to send the files to a different email address, contact me at before ordering through paypal and let me know details.


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